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本文摘要:资讯|教学|备课|语法|答疑每一个爱孩子的外语老师都置顶了外语教师同盟单元·重点检索语言目的Talk about how often you do things?谈论做事的频率重点短语help with housework资助做家务on weekends 在周末how often 多久一次hardly ever险些从不once a week 每周一次twice a month 每月两次be free有空 go to the movies 去看影戏 use the Inter


资讯|教学|备课|语法|答疑每一个爱孩子的外语老师都置顶了外语教师同盟单元·重点检索语言目的Talk about how often you do things?谈论做事的频率重点短语help with housework资助做家务on weekends 在周末how often 多久一次hardly ever险些从不once a week 每周一次twice a month 每月两次be free有空 go to the movies 去看影戏 use the Internet 用互联网swing dance摇摆舞 play tennis 打网球 stay up late 熬夜;睡得很晚go to bed early早点睡觉play sports 举行体育运动 be good for 对……有利益go camping去野营not…at all 一点儿也不……in one’s free time在某人的业余时间the most popular最受接待的such as 好比;诸如 old habits die hard 积重难返go to the dentist去看牙医 more than 多于;凌驾 less than 少于at least至少 have dance and piano lessons 上舞蹈课和钢琴课重点表达What do you usually do on weekends? 你周末通常做什么?I always exercise.总是磨炼身体。What do they do on weekends? 他们周末干什么?They often help with housework.他们经常资助干家务活。What does she do on weekends?她周末干什么?She sometimes goes shopping.她有时购物。

How often do you go to the movies?你多久看影戏一次?I go to the movies maybe once a month.我或许一个月看一次影戏。How often does he watch TV?他多久看一次电视?He hardly ever watches TV.他险些不看电视。

Do you go shopping?你购物吗? No, I never go shopping.不,我从来就不购物。help sb. with sth.资助某人做某事 How about… ……怎么样?/ ……好欠好?want sb. to do sth. 想让某人做某事How many+可数名词复数有几多……主+find that+从句……发现…… spend time with sb. 和某人一起渡过时光It’s adj.to do sth. 做某事是……的ask sb. about sth. 向某人询问某事by doing sth.通过做某事 What’s your favorite…… 你最喜爱的…是什么?the best way to do sth. 做某事的最好方式Section A语言·知识精讲1. help with housework. 资助做家务(1) help with sth.资助做某事拓展help sb.with sth.= help sb.(to)do sth.资助某人做某事例如:I often help him with his English.= I often help him (to) learn English.我经常帮他学习英语。(2)housework 意为“家务劳动”。

不行数名词。2.sometimes有时辨析:sometimes,some times,sometime, some time(见Self Check易混巧辨1)3.hardly ever险些不hardly ever相当于hardly例如:There is hardly any food left.险些没有食物剩下。4.use the Internet.用互联网use sth.to do sth.用某物做某事例如:I use a knife to cut bread.我用刀切面包。

短语:on the Internet在网上surf the Internet网上冲浪,上网5.What’s your favorite program? 你最喜欢的节目是什么?句型:What’s your favorite…?=What…do you like best?你最喜欢的……是什么?6.Are you free next week? 你下周有空吗?free意为“空闲的,有空的”,反义词busy。be free 意为“闲着,有空”。例如:He is free now.他现在有空。

拓展free还可译为“免费的”。例如:The tickets are free.票是免费的。7.…next week is quite full for me… …下周对我来说相当忙…quite full很忙,相当忙。

拓展full 还可译为“满的,充满的;饱的。”例如:The bag is full of books.包里装满了书。I can’t eat any more,I am quite full.我不能再吃了,我相当饱了。

8.How come? 怎么会? 怎么回事?表现某件事情很奇怪,有点想不通;可单独使用,也可引导一个问句, 相当于疑问 词 why, 但以how come 开头的特殊疑问句使用的仍然是陈述语序。例如:How come Tom didn’t come to the party? = Why didn’t Tom come to the party?9.I have dance and piano lessons.我要上舞蹈课和钢琴课。have在此意为“上……课”;lesson“课”,是名词。

例如:They’re having an English lesson.他们正在上英语课。have lessons 上课Lesson One第一课10. Well,how about Tuesday?哦,那周二呢?How about…?(=What about…?)意为“……怎么样?”,用来征求对方的意见。例如:How about this book?这本书怎样?How / What about doing sth…? 做……怎么样?例如:—What will we do on Sunday? 星期天我们做什么?—How about visiting the museum? 去观光博物馆怎么样?11.I go to the movies maybe once a month.我或许每月去看一次影戏。

maybe意为“也许,或许,可能”,常位于句首。例如:Maybe he knows Tom.也许他认识Tom。

12.He plays at least twice a week.他至少每周踢两次(球)。at least意为“至少”。其反义词为at most “最多”。


5.hardly ever意为“险些不,很少”,表现否认意义。6.never意为“从来没有,绝不”,表现否认意义。以上几个频度副词所表现的频度,从高到低为:always→usually→often→sometimes→hardly ever→neverSection B语言·知识精讲1.But my mother wants me to drink it. She says it’s good for my health. 可是我妈妈要我喝。

她说牛奶对我的康健有利益。(1)want为及物动词,意为“想要”,其后接名词或动词不定式,相当于would like, 但would like的语气更为委婉。want的用法如下:用法意义例句want sth.想要某物 I want a new pen.我想要一支新钢笔。

want to do sth.想要做某事I want to go to the library.我想去图书馆。want sb.(not)to do sth. (不)想要某人做某事He wants me to play basketball with him.他想让我陪他打篮球。(2)be good for意为“对……有益”,其反义词组为be bad for, 意为“对……有害”。

例如:Smoking is bad for your health.吸烟有害康健。Eating too much meat isn’t good for you.吃太多肉对你并没有利益。

拓展be good to 对……友好(和善)be good at擅长,善于2.It is good to relax by using the Internet or watching game shows, but we think the best way to relax is through exercise.通过上网或看娱乐节目放松是好的,可是我们认为最好的放松方式是通过磨炼。(1)It’s good to do sth. 意为“做某事好”,它是“It’s+adj.+to do sth. ”句型的一种形式,it作形式主语,to do sth.是真正的主语。

例如:It’s good to run in the morning. 早上跑步是好的。(2)the best way to do sth.意为“做某事最好的方法”,其中to do sth.是动词 不定式作后置定语,也可表达为the best way of doing sth.例如:I have a good way to do with the problem.我有一个处置惩罚这个问题的好方法。(3)by using the Internet or watching game shows,其中by作介词,表现“通过 某种方式”。

置于动名词前表现方法、手段、原因等。例如:By working hard he made great progress.通过努力学习,他取得了很大的进步。He earns his living by writing.他靠写作为生。

语法·要点总结频度副词问频率都用 how often 举行提问频率短语1.不确定的频度副词:always(100%)> usually(约 80-90%)> often(约 60%)> sometimes(约 30%) > seldom(约 20%)> hardly ever(约 10%)> never(0%)2.表现确定的频率短语:every day/week/month/year 天天/周/月/年;once a week 每周一次;twice a week 每周两次;twice a month 一月两次;three times a day 一天三次。注:三次或三次以上一般用“基数词+times”表现。3.在句中位置:频度副词在句中通常放在 be 动词、助动词、情态动词之后,在实 义动词之前。


例如:She is often late for school.她经常迟到。I can never be sure.我从不确定。He always helps me.他一直资助我。Self Check总结·易混巧辨1.sometimes & some times & sometime & some timesometimes“有时候”。

at times 也是“有时”的意思。some times“频频”。

time 作可数名词时可作“次数”解;表现“时间”时是不行 数名词。sometime“某个时候”。可指已往或未来的某个时候。

提问用when。some time“一段时间”。常与 for 连用。

对它提问用 how long。诀影象:离开“一段时间” ;相聚“某个时候”。

例如:Sometimes I get up very late.有时我起床很晚。He reads the story some times.他读这个故事几遍了。I will go to shanghai sometime next week.下周某个时候我要去上海。I’ll stay here for some time.我将会在这儿呆一段时间。

2.but 和 however二者都意为“可是,可是”。but 口语常用词,语气较强,泛指与前述情况相反。but是并列名词,毗连两个并列分句,上下二句在总的意义上组成了对比。例如:I really don‘t like cheese, but I will try just a little this time.我 实在是不喜欢吃奶酪,可是这次我要尝一点。

however 表转折关系,语气稍弱于but,毗连性也弱一些,因而常作插入语。however 不能直接毗连两个分句,必须另起新句,并用逗号离隔。例如:It was raining hard. However, we went out to look for the boy.雨下得很 大,不外我们还是出去寻找谁人孩子。

3. maybe 和 may bemaybe “也许,或许,可能”。(一般放句首)eg:Maybe you are right.也许你是 对的。may be “可能是,也许是”。

(一般位于句中)例如:You may be right.你也许是对的。4.hardly 与 hardhardly“险些不”,一般位于动词之前。eg. He hardly works.他险些不事情。

hard“努力”,位于动词之后。例如:He works hard.他事情努力。总结·外交用语1. 询问业余运动—What do you usually do on weekends? 周末你通常干什么?—I usually play soccer. 我通常踢足球。

2. 询问做某事的频率—How often do you go to the movies? 你多久看一次影戏?—I go to the movies maybe once a month. 约莫每月一次。3.表达看法It is good to relax by using the Internet or watching game shows, but we think the best way to relax is through exercise. 通过上网或看娱乐节目放松 是好的,可是我们认为最好的放松方式是通过磨炼。




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